Symbols Entry SL/TP OT/Duration Status
EURJPY/Short -- -- 14 days and 21 h 0 min ago Failed -111 pip
EURJPY/Short -- -- 30 days and 0 h 35 min ago Failed -104 pip
EURJPY/Short -- -- 0 days and 18 h 38 min ago Failed -90 pip
EURJPY/Short -- -- 13 days and 20 h 23 min ago Win 44 pip

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Market Risk & Sentiment:New York Session   - 2022-09-24 15:29 GMT
  • Daily Pairs Contest:
  • Daily pairs relation
  • Intraday performance
  • Intraday performance relation
  • Technical Data:
    R1: 141.359 S1: 0
    R2: 142.526 S2: 0
    R3: 143.692 S3: 137.830
    R4: 144.858 S4: 137.830











    -40 %
    Pivot Points

    Pivot: 140.812













    Money flow:

    EURJPY, Retail traders Sentiment

  • Speculators Sentiment, NET positions on currencies

  • Heat Map

    Commitment Of Traders (COT):
  • >Euro

    Net Positions:

    Previous: -11,837

    Current 33,449

    Changes +45286 383%

    >Japanese Yen

    Net Positions:

    Previous: -80,692

    Current -81,280

    Changes -588 -1%
    COT History EUR
    COT History JPY
    COT Chart EUR
    COT Chart JPY
    EURJPY Forecast:
  • Bullish Drivers:

    DEU 10Y: 2.035 chg: -0.009%

    Fundamental Bias: Bullish

    Fundamental Strength: Weak

    COT POS: 33449 / -81280 Driver: 343.00 Positive

    Retail Short pos ratio: 58%

    Retail trader Sell position: 4661

    Retail trader Sell volume: 1622.88 lots lot

    Distance to Resistanc R4 (144.858): 5.958

    Bearish Drivers

    JPN 10Y: 0.235 chg: -0.005%

    Daily Trend: SELL

    Retail Long pos ratio: 42%

    Retail trader Long position: 2973

    Retail trader Buy volume: 1182.68 lots lot

    Distance to Support S4 (137.830): 1.070





    Fundamental Bias:
  • Bearish






    Recent Event/News

    The UK risks a confidence crisis in its currency and sterling could sink to parity with the dollar, Citi said on Friday, after the UK government announced a series of tax cuts financed with tens of bi...
    2022-09-23 18:16:44
    Hedge funds around the world fled positions in energy stocks, bonds and futures last week just in time to miss this week's whipsaw moves in oil, according to data from two banks. Funds dropped thei...
    2022-09-23 17:59:23
    The third quarter clearly marks a turning point in the eurozone economy. After a strong rebound from contractions caused by the pandemic, the economy is now becoming more severely affected by high inf...
    2022-09-23 17:45:50
    The Bank of Japan, as expected, left monetary policy unchanged, which prompted USD/JPY to pass the145 handle vs the USD. Top FX official, Mr. Kanda, reiterated his warnings about FX interventions when...
    2022-09-22 15:16:22
    Japan is ready to take action to address "clearly excessive volatility" seen in the yen, the country's top currency diplomat said on Thursday, issuing the strongest warning to date a...
    2022-09-15 03:03:12
    The yen was up more than 1% against the dollar on Wednesday after the Bank of Japan conducted a rate check in possible preparation for currency intervention, with the Japanese currency strengthening m...
    2022-09-15 00:37:31
    An energy crisis of both supply and pricing in Europe came to a head earlier this month as Russia indefinitely halted gas flows to Europe through the key Nord Stream 1 pipeline. Von der Leyen said a ...
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    ECB published
    19028 day ago.
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    Calendar Weekly: (GMT) 2022-09-24 15:29

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