Fundamental View

Gold is still under buying pressure but it is at an important level

In the past week, gold was fixed above 2000 dollars. This consolidation was done right above the $2000 and $2002 area. Important and psychological area.
The momentum is still bullish and can rise again to its historical high. We mean the area of 2060. But this price jump definitely needs a catalyst as a driver.

The instability of the economy, the uncertainty in the decisions of the Federal Reserve to interest rate increasing cycles, the purchase of gold by central banks, the crisis of banks under the pressure of recession and inflation, as well as the decrease in bond yields make gold more attractive for buying than ever before.

If in the coming week, the employment data is higher than expected or if the inflation increases a lot, they can make gold fall sharply and return it to the previous level.

But any disappointing data or even close to expectations will stabilize gold in the current areas and even towards higher levels.

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Technical View

Technically, gold is slightly overbought at current levels. But what is seen in the candlesticks (downward shadows) shows the pressure on buyers in this area.

If there is no better than expected data for the US economy (employers and CPI), any drop in the price of gold to a lower level can be considered as a correction and another opportunity for buying gold again.

any price drop considered as a correction and a BUY opportunity by Alisabbaghi on

Calendar events

Important events for gold:

USD CPI and Core CPI, FOMC meeting on Wed

Ziwox calendar on 2023-04-10