An Introduction for Traders

The financial markets can be a complex and challenging place to navigate, especially for novice traders. You are in a wide range of information. News, fundamental data, economic indexes, political issues, global crisis, war, technical analysis, sentiment and to be continued. We get lost in a mass of information. We get confused in the mass of news and information. To get rid of this volume of information, there must be a way for traders to focus only on their decisions, not swimming and drowning in them.

Information as wide as a sea

The financial markets can be a complex and challenging place to navigate, especially for novice traders. You are in a wide range of information. News, fundamental data, economic indexes, Forex calendar, political issues, global crisis, War, technical analysis, sentiment…

Complexities of Financial Markets

The sheer volume of information available can be overwhelming, and the speed at which prices can change can make it difficult to make informed decisions. It’s important for traders to educate themselves on the basics of the markets they’re interested in and to develop a solid understanding of risk management strategies. Many traders also rely on the expertise of financial advisors or professional traders to guide their investments. With the right tools and resources, anyone can successfully navigate the financial markets and achieve their investment goals.

Obsession with studying market data

If a trader wants to check all the daily information, news, and numerous parameters of the market, the trader caused every loss of trades from the perspective of ignoring the news or an unknown parameter, And this problem makes the trader an obsessive trader in the long run. Obsession with countless data will keep you away from success And it takes your confidence to open new deals.

To avoid becoming an obsessive trader, it’s important to focus on the key information and prioritize what is most relevant to your trading strategy. This means being selective with the news sources you follow, only tracking the market indicators that matter most to your trades, and avoiding getting caught up in every single data point that comes your way. By adopting a more targeted approach, you can stay focused on what really matters and make better-informed decisions that lead to more successful trades. Remember, less is often more when it comes to trading, and keeping your eyes on the prize will lead to better outcomes in the long run.

What is the solution?

Getting obsessed with reading information and overthinking in Forex trading can be detrimental to your success in the market. It can lead to analysis paralysis, where you become overwhelmed with information and are unable to make a decision. To avoid this, you need to set boundaries for yourself. Decide on a specific time frame for analyzing the market, and stick to it. Avoid reading too much information, as this can cause you to overthink every decision. Instead, focus on the most important information that will impact your trading strategy. Finally, practice mindfulness and meditation to help calm your mind and reduce the urge to constantly analyze the market. By taking these steps, you can break free from the cycle of obsession and build a more effective and successful trading strategy.

The best solution is to prepare a checklist of important and vital data for your trades. The information that has the highest impact on your trades and is the most predictable. information like:

    • Check the Fundamental data like economic indexes, economic calendar events, Interest rates, and bond yield.

    • Check technicals, Trends, and Indicators to find your entry price, take profit, and stop loss

    • Check market sentiment to find out where the other trades are. Retail Traders’ Sentiment and Speculators’ Trades by COT Report

Today, there are a lot of tools that can help to automate the trading process and make it more efficient. We have tried and now are proud of the results of our work, The Ziwox Terminal

I want to talk very briefly about this terminal. Because in this article I am going to mention another tool. Not just the Ziwox terminal.

What is The Ziwox terminal?

The Ziwox Terminal is a Web-based intelligent trading assistant that uses different components to provide traders with an outlook informed by the latest market trends, Fundamental indices, sentiments, economic news, and forecasts. It helps traders improve their ultimate buy, sell, or wait-for decisions. The outcome of all components is presented in Opportunity Suggestion, which carries an opportunity that comes through a ready-to-use analysis of each terminal’s component. Proper utilization of the Ziwox Terminal increases the accuracy of market entry and exit which leads to profitable investments.

If you want to read more about Ziwox Terminal: Read Here

We have provided all this compact information set in an Expert Advisor on the Metatrader platform and named it Fundamental Trader.

Simply It’s your smart trading checklist utility In order to summarize all the market information in a few boxes and by checking your trading strategy checklist, enter your trade faster, safer, with lower risk and more confidence.


Introduction of fundamental trader expert advisor

Essentially, The Fundamental Trader is a type of Expert Advisor (EA) or a Metatrader platform tool that focuses on analyzing and trading based on fundamental data. This includes economic indicators, news releases, and other events that can affect the value of currencies, commodities, and other financial instruments.

Optimal trades with Fundamental Trader

The aim of the Fundamental trader expert advisor is to identify market trends and opportunities based on this data. EA uses the Ziwox AI core to predict future movement. It’s good to Always trade in fundamental or long-term direction. By analyzing the economic and financial data, as well as news events and other factors that may impact the market over a longer period of time. By doing so, the EA can identify potential trends and opportunities for profit that may not be immediately apparent to human traders.

Reduce market noise to reduce risk and avoid faulty trades

One of the key advantages of using a fundamental trader expert advisor is that it can help to reduce the impact of short-term market volatility and noise and avoid faults trades. By focusing on longer-term trends and factors, the EA can take a more measured approach to trading, which can help to reduce the risk of losses due to sudden market movements or other unexpected events.

Eliminating Emotion in Trading

Fundamental Trader EA can help to remove emotion from the trading process. Many novice traders often make decisions based on their emotions or gut feelings, which can lead to poor outcomes. By using an EA, traders can rely on the data and algorithms to make objective decisions based on the available information.

Better informed decisions for Maximizing Profit

Ultimately, the goal of a fundamental trader expert advisor is to help traders make better-informed decisions based on the latest market data and trends. Whether you are a seasoned trader or just starting out, using an EA can be a valuable tool to help you stay ahead of the curve and maximize your profits in the markets.


Provides what is necessary for your decision from the Infinite information

Advantages and benefits of Fundamental Trader

Complex Forex Market Data

    • Fundamental Bias of assets

    • Pairs Buy/Sell forecast

    • Retail Trader’s Sentiment (Trade ratio)

    • The Commitment of Traders (COT report)

    • Risk-Sentiment

    • Technical Trend

    • Technical values (RSI, Stochastic, ADR)

    • Global Bond Yield

    • SPX500 VIX index (Fear and Greed)

Analyzing tools

    • Session Time

    • Session volatility measurement

    • Your trade summary

    • Draw Dawn analyzing

    • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly profit calculator

All of you need

    • Economic calendar News

    • News filter by impacts

    • News filter by pairs and currencies

    • Stop trades in high-impact news

Manual Trading tools

    • Powerful money management function

    • Easy order placing setup, Market, and pending

    • Fast StopLoss/TakeProfit set

    • Risk management

Other options

    • Martingale function for grid entry

    • Trail function sor SL trail

    • Break Even option

    • Auto close by profit or loss

    • Alerts system by placing price levels

And Trade tracker

By using this EA, you can also access the great Ziwox Trade Tracker tools.

The Ziwox Trade Tracker is an online platform that provides traders with a range of tools and resources to analyze their trading performance. These platforms help traders create a consolidated view of their trading activity, including their trading history, account balance, and overall profitability. It generates detailed statements that provide a comprehensive analysis of a trader’s account performance, including profit and loss, drawdowns, and win/loss ratios. With this information, you can identify areas of strength and weakness in your trading strategies and make necessary adjustments to improve your performance.

All of them included in the Fundamental Trader EA


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Fundamental Trader Pro Version

The pro version of Fundamental Trader has an intelligent trading strategy that uses all of the fundamental and technical data to trade on the market automatically. Pro version available on MQL5 market.

Live trade result:



Purchase the Fundamental Trader

Fundamental Trader MQL4


Fundamental Trader MQL5





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