◽️ After weeks, gold prices ended the week with a 2% gain because of Less hawkish Fed talks and gave hopes to gold buyers

◽️ Jerome Powell said that further aggressive tightening remains possible because we don’t see any cessation sign in the market and we are focused on employment data.

◽️ But Commodities, risky assets, stocks, and gold grew, only for one reason, The Fed said there is a possible slowing of rising interest rates and we would remain data-dependent.

◽️The space for gold is growing up to $1785-$1800 available, but it is still too early to be sure about the upward trend because we still have the hawkish policies of the USA.

πŸ”» We have to pay attention to Friday’s NFP report and Unemployment Rate because they show the next road map for FED

πŸ”» We predict a lower number for NFP, so we will spect the growth of gold next week