RBA April 4 meeting poll: Analysts evenly split between 0.25% hike and no rate hike

Out of 27 analysts, 14 of them believe that the interest rate will increase and 13 of them expect a pause.

According to a Reuters poll of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s April 4 meeting:

Benjamin Picton, chief macro strategist at Rabobank: February’s inflation rate cut is not enough for the Reserve Bank of Australia to abandon its contractionary bias, as labor market indicators and relatively high inflation all point to the need for further contraction.

Gareth Aird, Chief Australian Economist at CBA, believes that the Central Bank of Australia’s messages have been somewhat erratic since the beginning of the year. “In a short period of time, the Reserve Bank of Australia has been talking about their forecasts of how much more or less contractionary they think policy should be.”