Weekly gold analysis

◽️Sentiment in the marketplace remains Bullish with Global risk

◽️Gold strongly supported with $1945 and technically gold in range between $1948 and $1960 and tend to move upward

◽️Gold prices withstand with rising bond yields and hawkish speaks of the Federal Reserve and its bullish sign for gold

◽️United states bond yield is in Higher Highs and any correction on US10Y push the gold to high

◽️Gold is a safe-haven asset and uncertainty between Ukraine-Russia peace talks, Testing large new missiles North Korea, New conflict between China and Taiwan
prepare an upward pressure on gold

🔻 Although the federal reserve is looking to raise the interest rates aggressively, inflation still remains in the market and it will be a positive for gold

🔻 Price fixed in the $1960 area will be a good idea to take long on gold

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GOLD, tend more to long by Alisabbaghi on TradingView.com