Trading in short-dated German government bond futures was briefly interrupted due to volatility after the European Central Bank’s rates decision on Thursday, a spokesperson for Eurex said on Friday.

“There was a short volatility interruption in Schatz Futures from 14:15:11 (to) 14:15:44 (CET) yesterday,” the spokesperson said, referring to derivatives tied to two-year German bonds.

The spokesperson said the interruption took place in line with Eurex’s trading conditions rules, which state continuous trading will be interrupted if execution prices fall outside specific price ranges.

There have been no interruptions on Friday, the spokesperson added.

The ECB raised interest rates on Thursday by 50 basis points in a decision viewed by traders as a coin toss given a plunge in Credit Suisse shares this week.

Banking turmoil on both sides of the Atlantic, prompting the sharpest daily moves in decades in big government bond markets over the last week, has made it much harder for investors to trade bonds and shorter-term fixed income securities.

source: Reuters