According to the state media, the Chinese military announced that the maneuvers around Taiwan will continue. Chinese military: We are maintaining the momentum of encircling Taiwan island with maneuvers. We conducted detailed simulated attacks on key targets on the island of Taiwan and surrounding waters.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense: In the last 24 hours, 70 Chinese planes and 11 Chinese ships were seen around Taiwan. We saw 59 Chinese military aircraft near Taiwan as of 10 am on Monday. Among them, 39 Chinese aircraft crossed the middle line of the Taiwan Strait and entered Taiwan’s air defense zones. China’s Shandong ship was conducting maneuvers in the western Pacific on Monday morning

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno, in response to a question about China’s military exercises around Taiwan: We are closely monitoring the situation. I expect that the Bank of Japan will implement a suitable monetary policy with the cooperation of the government.

According to the Ziwox Terminal, the Market is Risk-Off and all currencies are weak against the US dollar

According to Chinese media reports, the Chinese military continues its maneuvers across Taiwan on Monday. The Chinese military has deployed several aircraft around the Taiwan Strait and the northern and southern ends of Taiwan Island. The Chinese military has conducted sea and air inspections and blockade maneuvers around the island. The aircraft carrier Shandong participated in a combat readiness exercise around Taiwan.